Western Yolo Grange

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Western Yolo Grange #423 Welcomes You

We were established in the early 1900's in Guinda, Ca, Yolo County. We have an active membership dedicated to the betterment of Capay Valley. The Grange is a family organization with both individual and family memberships.

  • Seek to educate the public on the role of agriculture
  • Promote the proper use and stewardship of the environment.
  • Provide a safe and comfortable meeting space for the local community in Capay Valley.
  • Check out the Fundraiser supporting the Roof Repair for the Camp Haswell "Boy Scout Cabin" in Rumsey, CA.
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Camp Haswell "Boy Scout Cabin" Fundraiser

Capay Valley residents are rallying behind the preservation of the "Boy Scout Cabin" at Camp Haswell on Cache Creek near Rumsey.   The Cabin was built in the 1930s by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) using creek stone and mortar. The cabin has become a beloved recreational spot for locals and visitors alike and has withstood floods and severe wind for over 90 years.

Matt Gwerder, a local contractor, is donating his time and expertise to repair the roof and secure the building's future for generations to come.  To cover the cost of materials and permits for a roof replacement, the Yolo County Historical Society is sponsoring the Camp Haswell Fundraiser. Community members are invited to donate to this worthy WPA project. 


Consider becoming a member of the Grange

Becoming a member is easy. We support our local community and want to help where we can. We are nonpartisan and 

do not endorse candidates for public office, nor contribute to their campaigns.

Programs and Services

Almond Festival Queen Dinner

We provide the meeting space for the Almond Festival Queen Dinner honoring 3-6 candidates and their families. A delicious dinner is prepared by Grange members.

Capay Valley Almond Festival

This event is always on the last Sunday of February and celebrates the blooming almond trees in the valley. The Grange provides a wide variety of happenings including a petting zoo (FFA), vendors, food & sweets for purchase, and much more.

Childrens' Christmas Event

Local kids have an opportunity to present a Christmas Play and celebrate Christmas with a visit from Santa and more.


The California State Grange

Mission Statement

Since 1873 the mission of the California State Grange has been to serve, steward and teach the virtues of the land to our children and community. We maintain our commitment to grassroots advocacy, supporting farmland preservation, farm development, community service, sustainable and regenerative agriculture, and the consumer’s role in the food production system.

Our Officers


Caleb Sehnert


Caleb is the newly elected President and is currently employed at the UC Davis Animal Science Department.  Caleb and his famlly currently reside in Guinda, CA.


Gin Townley


Gin is the newly elected Secretary and a resident of Guinda.  She does the scheduling for the Grange Hall.  Don't hesitate to reach out to Gin via the Contact Us form. 


Rebecca Kersten


Rebecca manages the financials for Western Yolo Grange. She has experience working with non-profit organizations.